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30 minutes reason

The Athens Olympics athletes have been making up for four years
Achieve your goals with 288 different practice menus!


I want to update my best, I want to win against my rivals, I want to get a good order.

For their own goals, junior athletes are working hard every day, and I think that parents also have various support for their children.
However, even if I go to the pool to practice myself,I do not know what kind of practice to do ...

I received many such consultations and questions.

So, to those who have goals and work hard every day, I thought that I could do my best to concentrate on practice, and I built the practice menu from scratch!

"30 minutes program"You may feel short when you ask and there is a reason for that.

Junior players such as primary and junior high school students practice daily in limited time while attending school. In addition, if you become a Masters player, you will be practicing in the intervals of busy work, and you will not have enough practice time and frequency.

If it takes 1 or 2 hours of practice, it will be difficult to practice if you do not have time.
If you are a junior or junior high school junior player, you do not need to practice too much, as you are practicing daily when the curriculum is organized.
The practice content isIt is better to be able to concentrate in a short timeI think.

I have been a high school teacher and a swimming club coach since I retired from the 2004 Athens Olympics, but I returned to service in 2006, two years later, and created and practiced a menu myself without a coach Did.
As a result, we were able to leave a track record that we could swim faster than at the time of the Olympics at the first national athletic meet after return.

The experience and know-how are packed in 30 minutes.
HonestlyIf you really do the program for 30 minutes, you will definitely get fasterI think.


Contents of 30 minutes total program

In the 30 minutes total program, once every 3 days,Delivery of short, medium and long distance practice menus in a dedicated e-mail magazinedoing. To understand the contents of the program for 30 minutes more,My own voice for all menusI will do Please learn how to think of the menu little by little through the program.

I think it is important to practice hard together to extend the record,

What are you practicing for? Where are you practicing towards?

If you don't know the two, you may miss what you are doing.
Let's learn how to think about a training program so that this part does not go away.

Why do we need practice instead of technology?
In order to produce results, technical training such as timing and posture such as stroke and kick is necessary. However, even if you practice technically and learn how to swim, you must continue to swim from start to finish. To that end, this program focuses on practice.
As for how to move the body, I hope you can refer to the Mori Takahiro video.
Why combine short, medium and long distances?
How you practice will change depending on which distance and item you specialize in.
However, those who practice the program on a regular basis for 4 years and 30 minutes and put out the results are not only specialized practice but also those who assemble the practice while mixing short distance, medium distance and long distance in one month There are many.
For example, if you are short distance, it is easy to make a swim by reducing your speed practice, but by incorporating medium- and long-distance training menus, you can use your body better and have endurance.

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