Takahiro Mori

place of birth Oita Prefecture
height 176㎝
body weight 72kg
birthday March 2, 1980
hobby Chilled in a cafe
Item Personal medley
Favorite words Effort does not betray you

I am from Oita Prefecture. I start swimming at Oita Kaneko swimming school from 4 months old.
As soon as I was born, I started swimming, and I have a dream that I want to go to the Olympics in elementary school.
After graduating from Nihon University, he joined Miki House and achieved high marks in numerous competitions.
At the age of 24Participated in the Athens OlympicsRealize that dream.
At the Athens Olympics200 m individual medley sixth place. It will be the first time in Asia and Japanese.
Later, he won third place in the 400m individual medley in the world swimming.
Won the Beijing Olympics selection round but retired for 0.48 seconds to the dispatching standard record.
Appointed head coach of Keio University Swimming Club. (2008-2010)
From 2011EFFORTEstablished.
He gives swimming advice to athletes and children using his own experience.
Other businesses include fashion produce, beauty salon and eyelash salon.



1998 Asian Games Winner
Year 1999 Universiade won
2001 World Championship 5th place
year 2002 Asian Games Winner
Year 2003 Universiade Winner World Championship 5th place
year 2004 Athens Olympic 6th place
2007 World swimming 3rd place
Year 2008 Beijing Olympics National Team Selection Winner ※ Dispatch lasts 0.48 seconds to standard record
Keio University Swimming Club Head Coach Appointed (2008-2010)
year 2011 EFFORT established