How to cut 0.01 seconds learn from a professional

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How to cut 0.01 seconds learn from a professional

There are many ways to get results in a short period of time.
I myself, I have tried to cut the time, that I have practiced, after various trials and errors, I got the track record of the Athens Olympics representative.
I will tell you how to approach it.

Do you have any trouble like this?

  • The record doesn't shrink as you think
  • I can not manage the result even though I am self-managing
  • I want to know nutritional knowledge to make my body
  • I want to hear professional experience and achieve my goals
  • Adjustment before the tournament does not go well
  • I want you to tell me how to win
  • I want to know how to practice efficiently

Shortening by 0.01 seconds is a shortcut for success

Making a record is a battle with you.
How do you feel and practice your advice from the coach?

  • I do not know well but because a famous ○ ○ player was doing ...
  • Because I was told to do the coach ...
  • I was told by the team and people around me ...

in this way,Inability to fully understand the reason or purposeWell, even if you practice too much, it does not lead to results.


Don't leave out the unknown


The coach was told, a famous player was doing, I just heard, and if I practiced without grasping the essence when I saw it, what is this practice for? Because there is a question that I felt before, I can not understand the current question.

Think about the advice until you understandIf you do not understand, listen.
Learn how to understand the meaning of the advice and practice, and learn "Thinking to swim".

In any sport, including swimming"Why" "How" to improve than nowthere is.

If you understand the advice firmly yourself and practice it after practicing it, you will be closer to the goal.

Workshop content

  • Way of thinking when swimming
  • Sports Academy <Nutrition guidance>-Masahiro Owa
  • Japan Representative Trainer <How to Move Your Body>

We will give advice on how to make the body from nutrition instruction by professional teachers and how to move the body by the representative trainer of Japan.

There are also training videos for people in rural areas and those who can not participate on that day.

Even if you spend a lot of time training, it is difficult to get what you want.
Let's do our own training to help you understand and improve your advice!

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The first lecture

Takahiro Mori "The Way to Think"Masahiro Owa "Nutritional Advice"Takahiro Mori "Consideration of practice"

The second lecture

Takahiro Mori "Concept of adjustment period"Masahiro Owa "Nutritional to Leave Tired"Japan representative trainer Hiromi sensei "How to spend at a congregation to make a record"

The third round of the class

Takahiro Mori "How to grasp the current situation and plan for the future"Masahiro Owa "Nutritional intake to consider during expedition and eating out"


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