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Takahiro Mori Official Free Mail Magazine

Tips on how to swim, ways to improve motivation, advice on nutrition, etc.
We will introduce a wide range of content related to mental care from practice to swimming improvement through periodical delivery.

Masters practice event

For those who want to update their own personal records, acquire measures for the tournament, and want to get good results.
We have group lessons at swimming pools in Tokyo every month, such as butterfly, backstroke, swimming, free form, diving, and training sessions for turns and competitions.
It is also possible to exchange opinions with people of the same kind who can not usually do much.
We deliver the schedule and content.

Junior swim camp

I will give you some advice on how to swim and how to practice at home.
At the swimming school, the junior swim camp started with the inquiry that "I will not give you detailed swimming advice as I practice with a lot of players."
We do it every month, so please feel free to contact us.

Technical advice to swim a little faster

Those who have acquired the basics should upgrade their skills!
First of all, it is basic to any sport, but it is important to acquire technical skills when it becomes possible to perform its basic operation.
We distribute regularly with contents of each kind of eyes. Basic + Technology = Level Up!
Let's achieve your goals.

How to do stretching before practice / match

We will tell you how to stretch by a representative of Japan representative Obi Trainer Koji Hoki.
Stretching makes the muscles softer and improves blood flow. So you get flexibility and the way you move your body when swimming changes.
Let's improve swimming from how you move your body.